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JASHS Batch 1989 Binondo Manila Website


History of Jose Abad Santos High School Binondo, Manila

    In the beginning, a name symbolic of a true man’s values and virtues echoed in the vast field of education: Jose Abad Santos Sr.

    Then the voice of justice reverberated: “Let there be a place where a noble man’s ideals and virtues will forever be upheld!”
The voice of truth declared: “Let anything beautiful in a man find fulfillment in a place where his mind, body and soul are whetted into their finest elements!”

    Echoes…..echoes of past noble wishes finally found fruition in the vast 20, 000 sq. m. lot bounded by Reina Regente, Felipe II Meisic and La Chambre Streets. Jose Abad Santos High School did not have much to boast at the beginning. The structure was made just an “appendage to the main organ” known as Arellano High School which was housed in a set of old buildings earlier used as a Japanese garrison and later on MPD Meisic prison. Its independence as a public high school came into being on August 18, 1947, but it’s inauguration was held on October 25, of the same year. Quonset huts left by the liberation forces were added to the old adobe building surrounding it.

    JASHS has been perceived as a loving mother, whose arms are tirelessly outstretched to warmly embrace little men and women desiring to infuse better changes in their lives. With the gracious comings and goings of the first five principals of this school, various changes and improvements have left their impressive imprints both among students and teachers. Mr. Andres Rañola, the school’s principal, inspired his administration to give birth to the official JASHS publications. THE GAZETTE and ANG TINIG. The year 1953, brought a new administration the late Mr. Fortunato Asuncion, who had the stone fence along La Chambre Street put up. His dynamism as the principal started a series of improvements for the school physical plant. The construction of additional classrooms, new main buildings and a new home economics building started. The completion of the buildings however was realized during the term of Mr. Arsenio Sanchez, the third principal, who build a stronger foundation to the academic life of the JASHS students - that of enhancing the growth in the social life with the construction of the gymnasium – social hall where cultural and social activities were held.

    To provide the youth of Tondo and Binondo and some transient students the best education possible, JASHS has undertaken various projects and experiments through the years. Under the administration of Mr. Domingo Tan who assumed office in 1963, the Pilot Science classes were organized to give special training to the science-inclined. For 18 years, the Pilot Science class took place – the SWAS or School-Within-A-School project meant to provide in depth training to youngsters interested in Science, Communication Through The Arts, Social Studies and Practical Arts. However, the experiment proposed and supervised by the Social Studies Supervisor Mrs. Silvina Laya, was discontinued in 1978. The Pilot Science and the “Earn-While-You-Learn” projects, on the other hand, went on. Mr. Tan’s administration had the taste of the first DCS-sponsored developmental reading classes formed to help students master various language skills, especially in reading.

    Financial assistance coming from kindhearted sponsors saw the expansion of many projects for the improvement and beautification of the school. The library was expanded and restructured to accommodate more students. In 1980-1981 under the administration of Miss Marietta C. Maceda, its collection of books remarkably increased through donations from the PTA and alumni associations. Many additions to the school facilities were evidently seen in 1982-84. It acquired a brand new Toyota Tamaraw, teacher’s and library chairs, folding chairs for the gym, a 12,000 pesos set of curtains for the stage of the gym, an electric polisher and a plastic sealer – all donations of the PTA which raise funds by holding a Lakan-Lakambini Contest. A Yamaha organ bought out of the savings of the school was added to its treasures. From class ’57 the school received a 16-inch projector, 30 pieces of rondalla instruments, 25 music stands and reference books worth 2,000 pesos and a cake mixer. With the School Board financing the project, the exterior of the school got a new coat of paint and major repairs from time. An ecumenical prayer room was constructed from the donation of Don Ernesto Rufino.

    School year 1984-1985 was a year filled with activities for the physical, intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual development of students. Facilities acquired during this year where the following: a brand new mimeographing machine, partly a donation of the PTA, a brand new Xerox machine from the funds coming from the combined savings of high school and evening vocational school, more concrete benches for student’s use, general reference books for the library, folding chairs for the gym and construction of Developmental Reading room through the financial backing of the Manila Golden Lions Club.

    One very significant donation given was that made by Class ’59….. a bronze monument of the late Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos now towering over the school quadrangle. On the 37th anniversary of this bronze statue of Jose Abad Santos Sr., Jaime Cardinal Sin and the children of the late Chief Justice attended the unveiling ceremony.

    The administration under the sixth principal, Dr. Hilario F. Galvez, continuously worked for the improvement of the school. Its monumental achievement was the cementing of the school grounds made possible through the financial backing of the PTA, administrative staff, faculty club, students organizations and interest clubs. Another bead of success it could boast of was the construction of the mini-bakery building.

    From the school’s humble beginning as satellite of Arellano High School, JASHS has gone a long way to becoming an imposing yet aging structure of an educational institution. As long as there exist commendable cooperation, concern and involvement emanating from the administration, PTA, teachers, alumni, students and the very generous donors, JASHS will forever stands as a formidable pillar for educational growth which its graduates will be proud to remember.

    Jose Abad Santos High School Binondo, Manila (JASHS) continues to make history......


Yearbook - JASHS Binondo, Manila Batch 1989 Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos Sr.

The Famous Quote of Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos Sr.
"Do not cry, Pepito; show these people you are brave. It is a rare opportunity for me to die for our country. Not everyone is given the chance."

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